What Level of Leader Are You?

There we were, my son and I, bouldering (rock climbing without ropes or equipment) in the Pinnacles near Big Bear Lake, California. This was an adventurous leader’s playground. I took this as an opportunity to be both an example for Luke by leading the climbs up rock faces, and also to allow him to begin to lead: to physically experience risk (death from falling) and reward (the breath taking views from the top). When we returned home, I reflected on this meaningful time with my son, how I was leading him and more specifically, what John Maxwell calls the “level of leader” that I displayed in my actions.

John Maxwell, an American author, speaker and pastor who has written many books on leadership, states “if we can understand what leadership is then we can expand our influence.” This influence will allow you to assist others in reaching the next level of leadership in their world.

According to Maxwell, a Level I Leader is being a leader where people follow you only because of your title or position. A Level II Leader then people begin to want to follow you. A Level III Leader leads by example and people become very productive because they are following you. If you finally come to the realization that developing people is the most important activity to focus on, then you have reached a Level IV Leader. And finally, a Level V Leader is when people follow you because of what you have done. They respect you and will do anything for you. So, what level of leader are you? I encourage you to watch as John Maxwell discusses why it is good to know the levels of leadership and what those levels are in detail.