"If it isn't a challenge, it isn't worth doing."

Hey, I'm Paul.

I guess you would call me well rounded with many leadership experiences in different environments and over two decades.  My passions are leadership, bouldering (rock climbing without ropes) and seeking out challenges.  I believe all three of them have a lot to do with each other.  I learn more and more as I continue to climb and reflect on how leadership is seen in all my climbs and interactions with people while I'm there.  I do not like to take the trail that someone else has taken, but rather take the trail that has not been taken and see where it leads me.  

I thoroughly enjoy traveling especially to other countries and cultures, but my ultimate favorite is Italy.  I have traveled to over 18 countries including places like Russia, Romania, Japan, Egypt, Israel, Austria, and Mexico.  I believe that knowing and observing other cultures has opened my eyes to how the people interact, which has in-turn enable me to have a deeper understanding of how to better understand people in general.   My other interests outside of work also lead to leadership experiences as I love to coach baseball and also exercise/lift weights.  My newest challenges that I am currently planning are a Spartan race and a trip to Yosemite National Park to explore the rock climbs there in that amazing part of the country.

My leadership experience is rooted in my spiritual beliefs and solidified by a great example from my father.  It was then fostered in leadership opportunities in college and in the 10 years of intense real-time training that I received as a United States Marine Officer that included more than two deployments.  I have had the amazing leadership experience and challenge to be a husband for over 20 years and a father to two amazing children who are either in college or in the planning stages to head in that direction.  I have experienced good and bad leadership in the manufacturing environment that was unionized and non-unionized in companies that were big (General Electric) to small companies (Anchor Hocking Glass).  After more than six years in higher education, I can now understand some of the challenges in leading a team in higher education and the dynamics it would potentially take to make it successful.    

I have been blessed with amazing leadership experiences, education (UG: Engineering and an MBA), skills and knowledge.  He also has instilled in me a passion to inspire other leaders to lead their people well and to help organizational leadership to change their culture so as to ensure a successful future and a very healthy organization.   Let me know if I can be of any assistance.   If it has to do with leadership and it's a challenge....I'M IN !!